Ukrainian citizen accused of robbery

villa malibu robbery zegrze
Villa Malibu in Zegrze


The owner of Villa Malibu in Zegrze was robbed while working in the hotel.

A handbag containing watch, personal documents and cash was worth up to £1000 were stolen, according to Ewa Strzeszewska, 41.

Oleksii Potapov, 45, accessed the entrance door of the hotel and took the bag from the door handle upstairs, while Mrs Strzeszewska was cleaning one of the rooms.

She did not realize it was missing until she was about to finish work. At first, victim thought that her husband might have moved it or made a prank on her so she called him and checked security cameras.

“When we went through the monitoring system’s footage, it was clear to us that I got robbed. We could see exactly how he looked and which way he went after leaving the hotel,” said Ewa Strzeszewska.

“I didn’t expect anyone coming upstairs so I hang the bag on the door handle,”- she added.

The suspect was described by the victim as a tall and massive individual with a long beard.

Chasing the robber

In addition, footage revealed that after the incident, the suspect got on a 735 bus line in Warsaw’s direction.

After realizing what had happened, victim immediately called the police, while her husband decided not to wait and catch the suspect by himself.

Marcin Strzeszewski, 39, victim’s husband approached Potapov after chasing and stopping the bus by blocking it with a car.

“I asked the bus driver to open the door so I was able to capture the robber. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the things that he stole with him so I forced him to tell me what he’s done with it,” said Mr Strzeszewski.

Potapov showed where he dumped the handbag nearby a local shop but there was no money or watch inside.

Victim’s husband added: “He must have left the content on the bus as after searching him, he didn’t have it.”

Despite Marcin Strzeszewski’s request, no one was willing to help him with the suspect at the bus stop. However, his courage and determination allowed him to detain Potapov until police arrived 20 minutes later.

“Police searched him once again but they didn’t find anything. In addition, he didn’t want to reveal what he’s done with it,” she said.

“I was frustrated as I had just taken out the cash from the cash machine that day. I had almost £300 in this bag,”- Mrs Strzeszewska added.

An investigation was launched and the suspect is found to be a Ukrainian immigrant previously being accused of other robberies that took place in Ukraine.

Potapov was charged £500 that he has to pay back to the victim after pleading guilty to the robbing intent.


According to district head, Jan Grabiec’s crime rate report from year 2016, 385 crimes took place in Zegrze with a detection rate 64.6%. These include robbery, burglary, malicious damage, assault and armed robbery.

Main factors of mentioned above crimes include:

  • Large recreational area with around 30 thousand garden plots and around 50 thousand leisure centres
  • Closeness to Warsaw
  • Constant development of the city and boroughs around it with an increase of shops, restaurants, public agencies as well as pubs

Aleksandra Kozlowska

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